How To Play!


Before you begin, enter your full name, or overwrite the upper name with another full name (for your friends without iPhones).


Enter the FULL NAME of your crush for best results (or you can select a name from your address book).


Click MATCH to reveal your match status from our Love Spell XO secret formula. Simple!

Decoding Your Results:

What’s your compatibility?


Wow, you two are a true love match! Maybe it’s meant to be! Remember: love can take different forms, so be careful to protect your heart!



It’s true you have your eye on each other, but even if those feelings are strong, it might not be true love. Could be only a crush (and that’s temporary)—but hey, crushes are fun! Now’s the time to get his attention.



Friends forever! Even though you’re not a true love match, you’ve got a friend you can count on in good times or bad. Nothing romantic, but friends ‘til the end!



Uh oh! Now you know why he’s been avoiding you! Or maybe you couldn’t stand him, but you didn’t know why…? This is no love match at all. You shouldn’t even be in the same room together! Stay away!



Excited about your love match? …OR do you want to tell everyone it’s NOT meant to be? Share your match status on Facebook, Twitter, and more with the click of a button!

That’s it! Hit the RESET button to enter another name and check your Love Spell XO match status again!

Disclaimer: This app is a GAME and not intended for serious use in relationships. This game is not magical or scientific in any way. It’s just for fun or to break the ice. We do not guarantee love results. Hey, if your love match breaks up with you, it’s not our fault! …have FUN!

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